Jan 17, 2013

Via Ostiense

Via Ostiensis, on the way to Rome from the sea during a rainy day with a becoming of hailstrom

Ostiensis (Via Ostiense) was an important street of ancient Rome

Via Ostiensis ran west 30 Km from Ancient Rome to its important sea port of Ancient Ostia (Ostia Antica) from which it took its name

Now the new Via Ostiensis is the main connection of Rome to Ostia, one of the quarters of the city at present

The new Via Ostiensis was opened in 1907

Parallel to Via Ostiensis, during the Fascist period, it was inaugurated a second road to Rome named Road to Sea (Via del Mare)

On its way to Ostia the road passes by the important Basilica Saint Paul outside the Walls

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