Feb 21, 2013

Il Pontile

The old pier (in Italian: Il Pontile) on the waterfront to Ostia Lido, the sea town far 27 Km from Rome

Feb 19, 2013

Christopher Columbus

It is a road named  in Italian "Via Cristoforo Colombo" and stretches 26,97 Km from its southernmost point at the beaches of Ostia, by the Tyrrhenian Sea to its northernmost point in Rome near Porta Ardeatina nelle Mura Aureliane

Feb 14, 2013


Roman Mosaics to Expostia, a new space to Ostia (far km 27 from Rome) dedicated to art and contemporary creativity

Feb 12, 2013


St. Peter's Basilica is in Vatican City. It's the current church of the pope and one of the largest and most important Catholic churches in the world. Inside the vast interior, there's lots of marble, bronze and gold artwork, including Michelangello's Pietà. Vatican is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome

Feb 8, 2013

Clementine Trees

Today I notice the splendor of these clementine trees, along a street in the center of Rome, that confirms  season spring is not so far

It's incredible how many clementine trees (a variety of mandarin orange) there are in the center of the Eternal city