Mar 2, 2013

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica (or originally named: Gregoriopolis) is a little village/borough on the coast, far 25 km from Rome where is a large archeological site, the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome. In fact, Ostia in Latin means mouth. At the mouth of the River Tiber Ostia was Rome's seaport. But, with the end of the Roman Empire the harbour fell slowly into decay and was finally abandoned in the 9th century due to the repeated invasions and sacking by Arab pirates, including the Battle of Ostia, a naval battle in 849 between Christian and Saracens: the remaining inhabitants moved here. Afterwards Pope Gregory IV fortified the existing burgh and it was rechristened Gregoriopolis. By this time, the shifting course of the Tiber had landlocked the ancient port and the town was mainly a shelter for the workers of the nearby salt mills

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