Mar 15, 2013

Palazzo Massimo

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme was building in 1887 by the architect Camillo Petrucci for Jesuit Massimiliano Massimi, and served as the seat for the College of Jesuit until 1960. In 1981, the Italian Government acquired the building andrestored it as the second seat of Museo Nazionale Romano. Dedicated to ancient art, Palazzo Massimo holds in its three floors the most significant works producen between the end of the Repubblican period (2nd - 1rst century BC) and the late Imperial period (4th century AD), in addition to a few Greek works from the 5th century BC. It offers a complete picture of the political and economic life of ancient Rome.

The famous Museo Nazionale Romano is a must for classics commoirsseurs. Start off with ancient cash, souvenirs and a mummified Roman child in the basement, then hit the ground floor for egotastic sculptures (dom't miss Augustus as Pontifex Maximus or the resting boxer) and the moving 5th-century BC Niobide dagli Horti Sallustiani (Niobide from Sallustiani Garden). Get the lowdown on ancient hairstyle on the next floor before heading up another flight of stairs for pièce de résistance Roman mosaics and frescoes, among them wall painting from Augustan Period villa found in the grounds of Villa Farnesina.

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