Apr 20, 2013


Monochrome visions walking along the seafront of Ostia Lido, the scell of salt, people on the beach to tan. Yes, the summer is already here
Ostia Lido is a sea town far 25 km from Rome, founded between 1927 - 1933 and originally planned and partially implemented according to then current criteria and urban design themes typical of Italian rationalism. It was divided into a strip along the sea with small elegant cottages used as second home for sea holydays of citizens of Rome and a band for the workers

Apr 19, 2013

Three Fountains Abbey

According to Christian tradition, during the martyrdom of Saint Paul during the first century, he was decapited and his head bounced in three places where springs miracously arose. The Three Fountains Abbey (in Italian: Abbazia delle Tre Fontane) is located at this historic place, which is near the modern suburban Roman district known as EUR. The complex is home to three churches and serves the Trappist Fathers of the Cistercian Order and is located within a quiet and silent setting amongst eucalyptus trees

Apr 17, 2013

Basilica St. Praxedes

Basilica Saint Praxeds (in Italian, Basilica di Santa Prassede) is an ancient church and minor basilica in Rome located to Esquilino Hill, very near to Basilica Saint Mary Major (in Italian, Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore). The church in its current form was commissioned by Pope Hadrian I around the year 780 and built on top the remains of a 5th century structure and was designed to house the bones of Saint Praxedes (in Italian, Santa Prassede) and Saint Pudentiana (in Italian, Santa Pudenziana), the daughters of Saint Pudens, traditionally St. Peter's first Christian convert in Rome. The two female saints were murdered for providing Christian burial for early martyrs in defiance of Roman law. The basilica was enlarged and decorated by Pope Paschal I in the year 822

Apr 14, 2013


On my personal way learning on photography, I often follow, with all the attention, an amazing channel on YouTube where I fell it can help to improve my photos. The channel is artman2002, real example of visual art, short splendid videos as little masterpieces of fusion of photography and poetry.

When photography meets poetry. To watch other videos: artman2002 
Its creator has also a very interesting blog, one of my most favorite blog on photography: Chrome Yellow

Apr 13, 2013

Rome Opera House

The Rome Opera House (In Italian,Teatro dell'Opera) is an opera house in Rome, originally opened in 27 November 1880 as the Costanzi Theatre, it has undergone several changes of name as well modifications and improvements. The present house seats approx 2.200

Il Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (in inglese, Rome Opera House) è il teatro romano dedicato all'opera lirica e al balletto, conosciuto anche come Teatro Costanzi, dal nome del suo fondatore, Domenico Costanzi. Fu inaugurato il 27 Novembre 1880 e ha una capienza di circa 2.200 posti

Apr 12, 2013

Santuario Tre Fontane

My reportage of the little Sanctuary dedicated to our Virgin Mary in Rome a day before the 66th anniversary of the Marian apparitions, occured in 12 April 1947, to Bruno Cornacchiola. That day, in a small cave hidden in a little forest of eucalyptus, very close to the ancient Abbey of Three Fountains, Our Lady Mary appeared to this man for the first time. Since then, there were other apparitions and it was built this sanctuary. On 12 April 1980, in the 33rd anniversary of the apparition, three thousand people attended a solar prodigy, after describing in details

Un mio reportage del Santuario della Grotta delle Tre Fontane il giorno prima del 66esimo anniversario della prima apparizione mariana avvenuta il 12 Aprile 1947 a Bruno Cornacchiola. Quel giorno, in una piccola grotta, nascosta in un piccolo bosco di eucalipti, a pochi passi dall'antica Abbazia delle Tre Fontane, la Madonna apparve a questo uomo per la prima volta. Da allora ci furono altre apparizioni e, in seguito, venne costruito questo santuario. Il 12 Aprile 1980, nel 33esimo anniversario dell'apparizione, tremila persone furono testimoni di un prodigio solare descrivendolo in seguito in modo dettagliato