Jun 26, 2013

Basilica San Paolo

Some snapshots during a sunny afternoon at the end of June to Basilica Saint Paul a church situated along Ostiense street and built by Emperor Constantine on the tomb of Saint Paul. In the XIX century it under went many modifications due to the big fire (1823) that almost entirely destroyed it. Really imposing is the foursified external portico with 146 columns in front of the facade. The interior is divided in five naves and a frieze running the lengh of the cross vault shows the effigies of the 263 popes who were the successors of Saint Peter. A part of the basilica is given over to the museum of the Saint Paul monastery

Qualche scatto durante un soleggiato pomeriggio di fine Giugno alla Basilica di San Paolo una chiesa che si trova lungo la via Ostiense e edificata dall'imperatore Costantino sulla tomba dell'apostolo Paolo. Nel XIX secolo ha subito molte modifiche a causa di un grosso incendio (1823) che la distrusse quasi interamente. Grandioso è il quadriportico esterno che precede la facciata con le sue 146 colonne. L'interno è diviso in ben cinque navate e un fregio lungo tutta la crociera presenta le effigi dei 263 papi che si sono succeduti dopo San Pietro. Una parte della basilica ospita il museo del monastero di San Paolo

Jun 23, 2013

Via Santa Sabina

Walking along Via di Santa Sabina, a street on the Aventine Hill (one of Seven Hills of Rome), it's possible to admire the Rose Garden of Rome, interesting churches like the ancient Basilica Santa Sabina and Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, a fascinating square that concludes the street. Especially in the afternoons of spring and summer, the scent of roses, the wind blowing through the Mediterranean pine trees, the sound of old church bells and the dances of seagulls in the beautiful blue sky, for a moment, you can really feel the ancient wonderfulness of Rome in all its millenary essence

Jun 21, 2013

Streets of Rome

In early 2012, I was approached with Street Photography, a genre of photography about subjects taken in candid situations within public places. The photographs, below here, were taken during the year 2012 using for almost all the time, a point n shoot camera Sony DSC W170. Subjects are not only people but places too.

Jun 14, 2013

100th Harley Davidson Anniversary

From 13 June to 16 June 2013 more than half a million Harley Davidson riders and fans from around the world arrived in Rome for the event to celebrate 110th Anniversary in Europe. Amazing easy riders with their splendid motorbikes following the path of wind, last brave knights of our century, explorers of all the roads of our world and of the real sense of life, symbol of freedom without borders. All pictures taken to Ostia Lido, sea town far km 27 from Rome