Mar 28, 2014


Termini, the main railway station of Rome

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Mar 20, 2014

Via XX Settembre

Night view along Via XX Settembre, a street in the center which connects Quirinale Hill (where there is the official residence of the President of Italy), Via delle Quattro Fontane and Porta Pia (here in the photo), a gate in the ancient Aurelian Walls of Rome designed by Michelangelo

Mar 19, 2014

Via Condotti

Night view along Via Condotti, the most fashionable street in the center of Rome, near to the Spanish steps

Mar 14, 2014

Spanish Steps

The Rome's most elegant and beloved Rococo monument, designed by the great baroque architecture Francesco De Sanctis and inaugurated in 1725. The first thing that strikes visitors is the charming, monumental flight of steps who sinuous lines harmoniously follow the slope of the hill

Mar 10, 2014

Dark & Light Dance

Shooting with the compact NIKON COOLPIX A to Three Fountains Abbey (Abbazia delle Tre Fontane), an ancient abbey in Rome currently held by Trappist Fathers of the Cistercian Order, also known to be the spot where St. Paul was beheaded. I wanted a Black & White vision where the pictures seemed to dance between darkness and light. On photography it's always been interesting this alternation of shadow and lights