Jun 24, 2014


In memory of my dearest friend, Dr Shlomo Lee Abrahmov, suddenly passed away days ago. He was a genial art photographer and teacher (had a doctorate degree in photography). In these years he gave me always many precious tips and suggestions to take good pictures. Shlomo Lee Abrahmov has inspired me and so many photographers with his own way of analyzing art, encouraging and teaching. Recently he has published also a book titled "Words and Photographs: On the Theory and Practice in Contemporary Photography"
R.I.P. Shlomo, my friend and mentor

His blog on photography: Chrome Yellow
His Youtube channel: Artman2002
His basics teaching: Slaphotobasics
Here below his photos taken in Rome - in those days the Eternal City was so beautiful through his lens.
Rest of his amazing works in Italy on: Firenze Roma 2012

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