Aug 29, 2014

Terme di Diocleziano

The Terme di Diocleziano (Baths of Diocletian), built between 298 and 306 AD by the emperor Diocletian, were the largest and most sumptuous of the imperial baths in ancient Rome, an amazing monumental complex, unique in the world, both for its size and for its state of preservation. It is an iconic site for the thousands of years of Rome's history. They were transformed by Michelangelo into the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Carthusian Monastery, and subsequently the location of the Museum Nazionale Roman from its foundation in 1889. The visitor's route starts from the magnificent and imposing tenth hall (Aula Decima) of the Baths. Next one can visit three separate museums - the Epigraphic Museum, the Museum of Protohistory and the Virtual Museum of the Via Flaminia - and end up in Michelangelo's grand cloister, a surprising oasis of peace and quiet. More than 400 works of art - statues, reliefs, altars and sarcophagi - from different monuments in Rome are on display there

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