Oct 7, 2014

Basilica S. Maria degli Angeli

Days ago I shot a short video using the compact Nikon Coolpix A, a good compact, about Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Piazza della Repubblica, very close to Termini Station. This hulking basilica occupies what was once the central hall of Diocletian's baths complex. It was originally designed by Michelangelo but only the great vaulted ceiling remains from his plans. Today the chief attraction is the 18th-century double meridian in the transept, one tracing the polar star and the other telling the precise time of the sun's zenith (sunlight enters through a hole to the right of the window above the entrance to the church's right wing). Until 1846, this sundial was used to regulate all Rome's clocks.
This video is dedicated to Mme Laurence from France and also to Mme Francine and her husband, Mr Richard, from Canada.
It's also dedicated to my Google + friend,  Masumi, from Japan, very talented photographer - I suggest you to look his splendid posts on Google+: Masumi 
It's also dedicated to my friend, Kenji, from Japan, another very talented photographer and here his amazing blog: Lounge -AKUBI- Don't miss to visit it!
Thank you always for your very kind attention and time to read and follow this blog.

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