Jan 8, 2015

Ostia Lido

Ostia Lido, porto del litorale di Roma, distante circa 27 km dalla capitale, è composta da tre frazioni: Castel Fusano, Ostia Levante e Ostia Ponente ed è vicinissima al sito archeologico di Ostia Antica, l'antico porto dell'Impero Romano. E' stata fondata nel XIX secolo, dopo i lavori di bonifica iniziati nell'1884 lavoratori dell'Emilia Romagna, ma, anticamente era una zona di saline

Qui di seguito un breve video (girato con una Nikon COOLPIX A) del Pontile di Ostia Lido, simbolo del litorale romano, inaugurato nel 1940 e ricostruito più volte. Buona visione!

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Jan 7, 2015

Streets & Sea

I'll return in a splendid church in the center of Rome, Chiesa S. Alfonso Liguori, to take pictures for a new project very soon and, meanwhile, now I post here some street snapshots taken in these first days of January 2015. I have to say street photography (including urban-landscapes) is very cool

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Jan 5, 2015

Piazza della Repubblica

Night scenery of Piazza della Repubblica where there is the splendid Fountain of Naiads. Flanked by grand neoclassical colonnades, this landmark piazza was laid out as part of Rome's post-unification makeover. It follows the lines of the semicircular exedra (benched portico) of Diocletian's Baths complex and was originally known as Piazza Esedra. In the centre, this fountain aroused puritanical ire when it was unveiled by architect Mario Rutelli in 1901. The nudity of the four naiads or water nymphs, who surround the central figure of Glaucus wrestling a fish, was considered too provocative

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Jan 4, 2015

Night Rome

Night, after rain. Termini station and the monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II

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Jan 3, 2015

Streets video

Street photos in Rome between 2012, 2013 and 2014, shooting almost with toy or little compact like SONY DSC W170. First period it was as real beginner phase on the way my amateur photography

Streets photos in Rome, urban landscapes and other, in January 2015, shooting almost with a DSLR NIKON D3200 or NIKON Coolpix A
Second period it was more of as beginner, but the way to improve my photography is long and often lack of time (work and family) and also lack of inspiration (fatigue and tiredness or photographer's block?) slows my progress

In any case in these recently months I started to use YouTube putting my favorite snapshots I have taken in the past three years on video

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Jan 2, 2015

Short video

Street singer in the subway of Rome. At the entrance of San Paolo stop
Musicista di strada nella metro di Roma. All'ingresso della fermata di San Paolo

The subway in late night, a little bit before closing, with few people
La metropolitana in tarda notte, appena prima della chiusura, con pochissime persone

Aventino, one of the best location for a breathtaking view of Rome
Aventino, uno dei migliori posti per una vista mozza fiato di Roma

Seagulls on the seafront in Ostia Lido, seaside town at the end of Tiber, far 25 km from Rome
Gabbiani sul lungomare di Ostia Lido, città balneare alla foce del Tevere, circa 25 km da Roma

Urban landscapes in Rome and something other
Paesaggi urbani di Roma e qualcosa altro

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Jan 1, 2015


Starting the New Year with a video about Aventine Hill, the most southerly of Rome's seven hills, a splendid elegant and contemplative part of town, with  many old charming streets and gardens where to enjoy relaxing promenades. Pictures taken last July 2014

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