Feb 25, 2015

Busy time

Long time far from this blog, without to take and post frequently photos. Too busy these months, only some recently shooting at night. Urban landscape pictures during January 2015

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Feb 24, 2015

Subway shots

Rome subway travel with my dad, shooting photos with / of him using little old pocket camera, SONY DSC W170. Tuesday morning, 24 February 2015

Feb 8, 2015

Old pocket camera

Rediscovering my old pocket camera, SONY DSC W170, a very good buddy in these recently years. As rightly said the street photographer Eric Kim in his blog Eric Kim Photography: don't care to continue buying better cameras, spending money on stuff because of your dissatisfaction, but be happy to take picture with what you have, also a simple smartphone. Focus on capturing moments. Quick snapshot of today on the way work