Jan 10, 2016

Print to save your photos!

We all take pictures sharing on social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and others) but...
Are we sure all our photographic works will be still there next century?

If technology continues changing so fast, every day, surely our shots will be lost into a digital oblivion

A good solution it's to print our photos saving them for next future

Also the famous street photographer, Eric Kim, said the same thing on his popular blog  erickimphotography.com  to print saving your photos for next generations

A good idea it's to print all your works in a book using Blurb.com,  a self-publishing platform that enables their users to create, self-publish, promote, share, and sell their own print

Then you can share your books with your friends, colleagues and members of your family

You can print your photos and frame them, like paintings, to put on walls of your home, or give them as gift to your loved ones

To be sure our works will survive after us, it's good to print them

Print to save your photos

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