Jan 16, 2016

Tokyo's Scenes

I suggest all my blog followers this interesting photographic book, titled "Tokyo's Scenes" by Elizabeth Char,  published by The Unknown Books, an interesting small publishing house

I found this book very interesting.
The author, Elizabeth Char, didn't take only street photos but she made really splendid art.
The Art of Street Photography.

All the works in this book catch totally my attention
I can admire amazing urban scenes, in Tokyo, in a different and special way through the lens of Elizabeth Char, one of the most talented artist on Street Photography

I found this book, Tokyo's Scenes, a great work
Elizabeth Char has photographed the soul of Tokyo
Yes, this book is a real inspiration source on Street Photography

I share below her words to understand more her work

Tokyo is a city of a thousand faces.
Unveiling and showing passer-by’s’ ordinary elegant refinement is the only intention in these photographs.
Tokyo is as a woman disclosing a myriad of traits, now yelling, now shining or now quiet and shaded. 
Tokyo people are as discreet, civilized, smiling, worn out, as they are exuberant, laughing, provocative. 
They are all the main characters of a vast human comedy taking place in this city, the most charming cinema set that can be. 
Sensiblity, instinct, sense of anticipation are showing guiding my steps.
Taken by the hustle and bustle of the city, I seize its most precious scenes.

I suggest you to buy a copy of Tokyo's Scenes

To order a copy just clicking on The Unknown Books

Enjoy it!

About the author, Elizabeth Char: www.elizabethcharphotography.com

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