Feb 24, 2016

Torre San Michele

Torre di San Michele (Tower of St. Michael) is a defense tower on the Tyrrhenian coast, at the end of the Tiber river, projected by Michelangelo and built between 1564 - 1568. Unfortunately this site is closed. Hoping for an opening soon and a tourist revaluation because it is a very interesting place to visit

Feb 23, 2016

To understand Rome

Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life… Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome” - (Goethe)

Feb 15, 2016

Best Roman Holidays

A good suggestion where to stay in Rome? Choose the historical Hotel Montecarlo, the best three-star hotel, with services and qualities of a 4 star, for your best Roman Holidays ever!