Jul 27, 2016


It was long time I was thinking to create a Facebook page for sharing my photographic works but, sincerely, I don't want to spend too much time on social networks. Don't forget I'm also on: Google+FlickrTumblrPinterest500pxYouTubeNikonInstagram and, of course, this blog and so prefer don't lose too free time on web instead to go out to photograph or reading a good book or spend more moments with my loved ones. Then I already manage the official Facebook page of Hotel Montecarlo Roma where I work for almost twenty years, a very helpful tourist guide for Rome with many interesting posts, information, news and pictures every day

So I decided another way: my Facebook friends can follow me automatically, but next days I'll change my profile also allowing people who aren't my friends to follow me

In this case if I've allowed everybody to follow me, anyone on Facebook can follow my posts unless I've blocked them

So, please follow my Facebook profile that I'll modify very soon next days. Stay tuned!

Follow my Facebook profile on Franco Spaccialbelli and if you are interested about my photographic works please contact me in every moment at: f.spa@live.it

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