Sep 6, 2016

Light in the Roman night

Today I would like to introduce an innovative new camera company, LIGHT, and their Light Camera L16, a new compact camera that uses multiple lens systems to shoot photos at the same time, then computationally fuses them into a DSLR-quality image, but before I want to share with you something about the birth of a picture.

I already posted this photograph many times but today I would to tell something more about it. The place is Piazza della Rotonda, a square in the historic center of Rome and the colossal monument stands is the majestic Pantheon, the most preserved ancient Roman temple of the city, built and rebuilt several times, first by Agrippa who began it in 27 B.C.
The presente structure that you can see now is the result  of an early 2nd century A.D. reconstruction by the Emperor Hadrian.
The Pantheon is in an astonishing state of preservation, considering nearly two millennia of vandalism.

I took this photo in September 2014, around midnight, after a busy day in my hotel.
Photography is not only my greatest hobby but also a kind of relaxing therapy after a long busy day.

Photography is my personal way to meditate and charge vital energies, finding peace, calm and wellness in body and mind.

I almost always prefer to take pictures at night when the streets are less busy and not so many people around, catching the charm of the night's silence.

For this photographs I used a little DSLR and a tripod and my settings were:
f/4.0 – 1/8 – ISO 1600 – Nikon D3200 – 18.3mm

I almost always shot in Black and White. I believe in monochrome photography there is something of different, more special, artistic, a magical timeless touch.

When I heard about the Vantage Point project  launched by LIGHT , a very interesting project to share amazing pictures and photographers' stories from around the world, I wished to participate especially with this photo that speaks not only about the eternal beauty of my city, Rome, but also the fascination of photography and how I approach this art.

And now, my dear blog followers, let me to inform that the innovative company, LIGHT,  has created the Light Camera L16, a new compact camera with multiple lenses that creates a DSLR quality image in the palm of our hands.

Click on the link to learn more about this innovative compact camera:

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