Mar 12, 2017

Via del Babbuino

Via del Babbuino, famous street in Rome, between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, and the typical scenery of a Roman carriage, named also Botticella (small barrel) a very popular attraction in Rome: a horse-drawn carriage very popular in the tourist areas of the Eternal City. You can see them around the city with groups of tourists on board admiring the most suggestive corners of the city center. The word “Botticella” comes from “botte” (barrel): the carriages were used to carry barrels of various items, when fuel-powered means of transport where yet to exist and there was no other way to move heavy stocks. At the beginning of the century they were used as a public transport comparable to our modern taxi. It's a very interesting experience to admire the most important monuments and the biggest beauties of the city...

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