Jun 9, 2017


My suggestion for a very interesting place to visit in the center of Italy. The town of Cascia is situated at 563 meters above sea level near the Corno river. Cascia was founded during Roman times, even if nothing remains which remembers those times, due to devastation by barbaric tribes and the earthquakes which have always disturbed the town and the neighbouring cities.

As with the major part of the Umbria's towns, Cascia experienced its period of major splendour during the Middle Ages. Formerly under the dominion of Foligno, it later passed under the rule of Frederick II of Swabia. Later, the neighbouring cities of Norcia, Leonessa and Spoleto unsuccessfully fought over the town. Finally, only at the beginning of the 16th century, Cascia surrendered to the Papal State under whose rule it remained for less than 30 years.

(From www.bellaumbria.net)

Pictures taken in summer, 2013

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