Jun 20, 2017

The importance of walking

"Walking is one of the most important things in the life. In Japan, the foot is considered to be the Second Heart. To have a strong heart is to have a strong mind, so to walk good also develops the mind. Walking is the basic corporal movement in the Martial arts. In any Martial Art, the crucial factor is the game of legs, to walk with a perfect balance and grace. When the mastery in the skill of walking has been achieved, when you walk as a ninja, a silent, invisible walker, avoiding detection by moving carefully like a tanguero knife-fighter, a lower class samurai, it feels as if you are never touching the floor. In Argentine tango, the body energy-center lies lower than in ballroom tango. A little downwards pressure in the hips, makes the knees bend more and gives a more centered body axes, a sneaking, gliding way of walking. This less royal way of moving is related to knife-fighting, which is a fast, fluid and dangerous affair" -  Walking Seduction

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