Sep 27, 2017

Tiber at night

The Tiber is the third longest river in Italy, rising at Mount Fumaiolo, in the Appennine Mountais, in central Italy, and flowing 406 km (252 miles) through Umbria, Lazio to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has achieved lasting fame as the main watercourse of the city of Rome, founded in 753 BC, on its eastern banks. According to the legend, the king Tiberinus  ninth king of Alba Longa, ancient city destroyed by Rome, in the middle of 7th century BC, was drowned while crossing the river, which was afterward called Tiberis river. After his death Jupiter made him a god and guardian spirit of the river, named Tiberinus (god). This gave rise to the standard Roman depiction of the river as a powerfully built reclining river god, with streams of water flowing from his hair and beard. The Tiber river was also believed to be the river into which Romolus and Remus (the former founded Rome) were thrown as infants. The rest is history

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